Automate Mobile and Web Testing Across All Operating Systems and Browsers

Scalable, simplified and effective solutions to maximize your software performance


Test Automation software is the best way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of your software testing. It is crucial to apply test automation practice for various types of software projects since it enables automatic verification of key functionality and helps you build better apps with less effort in less time.

Testinium, our flagship software test automation product, incorporates our extensive know-how and expertise in software test automation market. Testinium lets you empower your team to increase your software performance without sacrificing quality.

Testinium is based on open source platforms Selenium & Appium and it is optimized for Mobile and Web. Testinium’s architecture does not have any dependency on any 3rd party commercial software and it enables you to reach seamless level on your product.

Testinium's Superior Features

On-demand Cloud Testing
Automated Test & Automated
Execution Options
Tests Run on Real Mobile Devices
Tests Run on All Operating Systems,All Browser Versions
Live Testing
Integrated Task/Test Management Tools (Jira, HP BSM, TestRail)
Record & Play
Integrated with
Integration (CI)
Integrated Task
Management Tools
Parallel Testing
Running Tests from Multiple Geographic Locations
Reporting with
Screenshots and Video
7/24 Monitoring
Pricing Based on
24x7 Live Support Center