Low performance of a software product is one of the major issues that can be encountered before deployment. Determining the performance of your application under various loads is of utmost importance since slow performing products have been proven to correlate highly with lost revenue.

Loadium, our load testing product, detects potential performance issues in advance which can affect the functional behavior of your application negatively. By using Loadium, you can easily detect your software’s effectiveness and eliminate the risk of unexpected overload.

Loadium is based on Apache’s open source platform JMeter. It measures how well the application performs during heavy traffic and shows real-time reports and comprehensive analytics. Loadium finds bottlenecks of products and it makes products more stable.

Loadium focuses on certain points as listed below :

  • Speed: Response time of the application
  • Scalability: Capacity of software application under various loads
  • Stability: Endurance of the application under various loads

Loadium’s Superior Benefits:

  • Apache JMeter compliant
  • Supports Apache JMeter’s 3rd party Plugins
  • Lets you monitor your test in real time
  • Lets you build HTTP based performance tests without any coding or scripting
  • API performance testing without any coding

Loadium's Superior Features

On-demand Cloud Testing
Realistic Simulated Users
Multi-Geo Load Generation
Real-time Testing and Dynamic Reports
Different Bandwidth Tests
Mobile Performance Testing
Integrated APM Tools (New Relic)
Supports Scripting
Server Monitoring
Large Scale Load Tests up to 60,000 Concurrent Users
Accessible On-Demand. No Licensing or Software to Install